Star City CX Season Pass

Want to save a few bucks and race your face off? Well, get a Star City CX Season Pass for $100. The Season Pass will entitle you to race in any Star City CX race that you're eligible for, for one flat fee! A hundred bucks let's you potentially race multiple times a day at each event for a fixed cost. We have seven race days this year, and this pass will save you at least $25.

Want to do masters and Cat 3 at a VDP race? It's included. How about masters, cat 3, and Cross Prom at Pioneers? Boom, included. Any race you're eligible for you can compete.

Every race week we'll email you your coupon to pre-register for your race(s). The pass will also include day-of registration as well, but please please pre-register because it makes things so much easier for us.

Get your pass now!

Pay via PayPal, no account required