CX School

Bike racing can be a bit scary and very little of that fear can be from the actual from racing. Knowing how call-ups work, how to handle your bike, pre-race prep, and maintenance are all things that can be intimidating for someone just getting into the sport.

In order to help people get more comfortable we hold weekly clinics (what we call CX School) during cross season to cover all that stuff, and more. We hope you leave our clinics not just feeling like you learned a bit about bike racing, but have also made new friends that will help you on your new adventure!


We hold classes most Wednesday evenings and sometimes on Saturday mornings at various parks. Check out our Facebook page for details on more clinics!

Due to COVID-19 we're likely not having clinics or races this year, but everything is TBD


Handy, dandy links to stuff we talk about in class: